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Tashweesh festival
Salma Said & Miriam Coretta Schulte Behind your Eyeballs


Salma Said & Miriam Coretta Schulte Behind your Eyeballs

TU 04.10.2022 20:30

How can an archive come alive? Can an archive become a time hole through which we can climb into new futures?

Through friendship and performance games, Salma Said and Miriam Coretta Schulte take us on a journey in their constructed futuristic video world. In a space designed by artist Jasmina Metwaly, between video projections and car tires, they explore the subversive video archive 858 of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and the potential of choreographic mnemonic techniques. They travel with the audience through times and spaces on the sound of musician Leila Moon. Every performance, they invite a guest to share their stage and their archival practice. 

ca. 100 minutes
in English, French, Arabic

Miriam Coretta Schulte, 1987, studied Theatre Studies and Directing in Paris (FRA) and Giessen (GER) and works as a theatre maker and dramaturge. In her work, she often focuses on the potential and powerlessness of bodily functions and body fictions. One example is the physical mnemo-technique “Hack-No-Tech”, which she designed together with Catalina Insignares in Paris and has since elaborated further in workshops. For “a night called layla”, she developed dance techniques to learn Arabic at the festival Treibstoff Theatertage in Basel, 2017. In 2018, she spent three months in Cairo. There she began to develop the project “Mimesia”, a research format in alternating forms and constellations, which explores the question of whether the process of admiration can be translated into an empowering practice. Since 2019, she’s collaborating with Salma Said on several theatre and research formats. Together, they are about to prepare a new work examining the performativity of asylum law.

Salma Said likes to juggle between performance and media art, activism, and research. She studied literature, film and cultural anthropology focusing on gender and activism in Egypt. In 2011, Salma co-founded Mosireen, a non-profit media collective that has released (in 2018) the largest video archive of the Egyptian revolution,The 858, Archive of Resistance. Salma has been involved in various film and theater projects as a writer and performer including: Fiction film “Rabie 89” (2010) directed by Ayten Amin,theatre performance “Lessons in Revolting”  (2011) directed by Laila Soliman and “rosa & louise -a feminist manifest” (2018) directed by Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger. Most recently, the theater performance Behind Your Eyeballs (2021) co-created by Miriam Coretta Schulte and the short film “When in Berlin” (2021) directed by Sondos Shabayek. Salma and Miriam are currently working on an artistic research and performance on the topic of asylum law.


Since their show premiered they have been inviting local guests in each city to share the stage and present archival projects and practices. These guests so far are:

In Basel:

Gaby Fierz 
and the missing archives of migrant life in Switzerland.

Oliver Roth 
and the idea of language as an involuntary archive of patriarchy.

Sascha Rijkeboer 
and their non-binary queer body archive.

Ariane Andereggen  
and her life in, with, through archives as a performance artist.

Franca Schaad 
and the holes in Swiss states archives when it comes to the representation of women’s movements.

In Leipzig:

Muriel Zibulla & Monika Krajka
and the feminist movement in the GDR 89/90.

Micha Kranixfeld 

and the oral history of the disappeared town of Eythra, Germany. 

Chris Herzog
and godparenthood of the youth for Holocaust memories.

In Bern:

Leila Moon  
and archiving music as a DJ practice. 

Daniela Brugger
and re-writing history and archives of the present from a feminin*ist*queer point of view.

Laura Stoffel
and an ethnographic sound archive of the city of Bern during pandemic lockdown.

In Tunis:
Leyla Dakhli 
and the archives of a Moroccan feminist women journal.

Arwa Labidi
and the files of “suspect persons” in the archive of the French secret service during colonial times in Tunisia.

Concept & Performance: Salma Said & Miriam Coretta Schulte 
Dramaturgy: Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs 
Room and video: Jasmina Metwaly 
Light design: Demian Wohler 
Music & Sounds: Leila Moon
Technical coordination: Hamza Badran 
Choreographic advice: Tyra Wigg 
Head of production: Felix Worpenberg
Archive guest Brussels: Gérald Kurdian / Hot bodies for the future
Co-production: Kaserne Basel, Schlachthaus Theater Bern und Schauspiel Leipzig 
Supported by Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung 
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union