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Tashweesh festival



WE 05.10.2022 19:00

Connect to the powerful energy of trans-imaginaries. With Robin Brettar and Jihan Imago.

What would a trans-utopia look like? How would our society be structured if transphobia didn’t exist? How would trans identities flourish if they didn’t have to fight against the oppression of institutional heteronormativity across lines of gender, sexualility, ability, race and class? As we dissect the various organs of discrimination, a new world, a new horizon, emerges. A world that may still be a utopia but that we can all aspire to. Trans-imaginaries are a powerful energy – they offer a unique form of self-description and thus the potential to open up a new narrative for the concept of gender.

in English
hosted by Nadia Kara


Robin Brettar studied painting and philosophy (kask, Ugent, CEU, KULeuven). They identify as non-binary trans-masc feminist and have a fierce passion for community organizing and collaborative projects. Robin is a member of Mothers and Daughters - a lesbian* and trans* bar and co-founder of Transemble. Currently, they are studying conflict mediation and hope to further develop these skills professionally.

Jihan Imago is a visual artist, choreographer and performer. Interested in itinerancy and in the body as an habitat and archive, Jihan Imago’s practice also focuses on mental health and self-esteem, most notably as a coach for teens at the King Baudouin Foundation with a particular concern for LGTBQIA+ and migration issues. He is currently working on his third choreographic creation.

Born in Liege from an Algerian father and a German-Belgian mother, Nadia Kara grew up surrounded by a mix of cultures and influences. Constantly questioning and educating herself, Nadia developed a talent for opening up constructive dialogue about serious matters, and currently works as a writer, podcaster and host. Her favourite subjects to talk about include mental health, feminism, diversity and sustainability, which she always treats with a personal and vulnerable approach.