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Tashweesh festival
Feminism and Revolution


Feminism and Revolution

FR 30.09.2022 19:00

The revolution will be feminist. With Bochra Triki and Eva van Redecker.

In a time of global crises, feminist strategies seem increasingly indispensable for a new understanding of revolution. Two experts explore the complex relationship between revolution and feminism in contemporary theory, art and culture. Which strategies can we forge from the intersectional, connective, sustainable teachings of feminism(s) in order to radically change socially violent and hierarchical orders?

in English

hosted by Nadia Kara


Bochra Triki is associate professor of French and cultural operator in several projects. She notably co-organized Chouftouhonna, the international feminist art festival in Tunis during its four editions. She also co-founded Shift, a feminist print and digital graphic novel project and produced podcasts with Inkyfada. She is currently co-curator of the Tashweesh festival.

Eva von Redecker is a philosopher and author. Her most recent book, Revolution für das Leben (S.Fischer 2020), outlining the philosophy of new forms of protest, has been the object of multiple translations. Eva von Redecker has taught at Humboldt University in Berlin and the New School New York, and her theoretical work deals extensively with social change, property, and domination. In addition to academic essays, she has written for publications such as ZEIT, Le Monde Diplomatique and Analyse & Kritik.

Born in Liege from an Algerian father and a German-Belgian mother, Nadia Kara grew up surrounded by a mix of cultures and influences. Observing the world, seeking her place throughout her youth, she developed an urge to understand people and create ways to connect with them. After studying media and communication, the multifaceted young woman relocated to Flanders, where she gained new perspectives on the dynamics of her homeland - the good, the bad and the ugly. Constantly questioning and educating herself, Nadia developed a talent for opening up constructive dialogue about serious matters, and currently works as a writer, podcaster and host. Her favourite subjects to talk about include mental health, feminism, diversity and sustainability, which she always treats with a personal and vulnerable approach.