Tashweesh festival

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Tashweesh is the Arabic word for rustling, hubbub, murmur. Many voices come together in the unintelligible murmur of a crowd. Tashweesh festival, which travels between Brussels, Tunis and Vienna, will hear these murmurs come closer before taking the stage.

Audiences, artists and speakers from South West Asia, North Africa and Europe join a glocal conversation to imagine a feminist and connected society spanning across seas and borders.

Through performances, conversations, reading groups, screenings, concerts and club nights, we seek common ground beyond perceived cultural boundaries. We talk about stereotypes, queer and trans utopias, gender, bodies, public space, activist strategies and feminist revolutions.

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in partnership with L’Art Rue (Tunis), Tanzquartier (Vienna) and Goethe-Institut Brussels
with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union