Out Loud!
Cloud Boat & Pomrad


Cloud Boat & Pomrad

FR 14.06.2013 21:30

Cloud Boat (UK)

This atypical London duo immerse the audience in a universe that both relaxes and enchants.
Cloud Boat’s music hits the mark as much as your average rock, but is often compared to Mogwai or Darkstar. Guitars and beats are harmoniously combined with unusual vocal interludes. In their live shows, Cloud Boat goes to work on the most improbable source material. We are curious to see what sources they’ll tackle here on our roof terrace!

Pomrad (BE)

With his crossover of funk, future step and virtuoso keyboard playing, Pomrad is the king of Antwerp bass! “This guy should start producing Beyonce and Rihanna!" said Sasha Vander Speeten when he fished Pomrad out of Vi.be. Lefto calls him the Belgian Hudmo. So it’s about time we got Pomrad up on the Beursschouwburg roof terrace!

Pomrad’s one-man live set (which sets him apart from DJ producers) has really gotten people talking after shows at the Dour Festival and other appearances. In order to play live as much as possible, he uses a bank of synthesizers, MIDI controllers and keyboards on stage, which quickly earned him the comparison to a ‘funked out octopus’. By spreading a variety of samples over his keys, he keeps control of the groove in each set and only uses backing tracks for a shredding keytar or talkbox solo. And best of all, Pomrad’s music is danceable as hell!