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Out Loud!
Delvaux. & Thomas Azier


Delvaux. & Thomas Azier

FR 21.06.2013 21:30

Delvaux. (BE)

Delvaux. is a brotherhood that reminisces with due nostalgia about the bygone freedom they felt as children during the summer holidays. This brand new band from Ghent brings an EP under the very appropriate title of "palma de mallorca". The music automatically elicits the scorched landscapes and associated wistful feelings. A concert to look forward to!

Thomas Azier (NL)

“Music has turned into nothing more than just a rush in the background while you are busy doing other things. I don’t want to change that, but I try to make something that will catch your ear and communicate with you.” – Thomas Azier.

Fine statement by a Berlin-based Dutchman who, with his debut album Red Eyes (ep Hylas 001), has convinced many music lovers of his skills. His sound is epic, nostalgic and yet contemporary. As strange as it sounds, we can hear Depêche Mode to Kavinsky beats: pop music caught between hope and despair.

Exploring the inherent power of pop and its ability to transcend, communicate, and affect the masses, Thomas Azier’s epic sound is both nostalgic, and current. Bridging the analogue and digital worlds with symphonic precision, his music is an anthem for the present, pulling from the past, looking to the future, a synthesis of time, sound, and story. Pop music, which sways between hope and despair - speaking of the nuanced permutations of youth’s mood and feeling and revisiting the sparkle and magic of the so often underestimated genre.