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Planningtorock & Filastine


Planningtorock & Filastine

SA 22.06.2013 20:30

Planningtorock (UK)

Planningtorock is the box in which artist/performer/film maker Janine Rostron pours all her talents. This troubled electro glam queen is a musician and visual artist. She was born in Manchester and has now lived in Berlin for more than 10 years, where she started to mix contemporary techno music with pop clichés and cabaret. Like a true UFO, Janine Rostron has the habit of producing timeless music, averse to all style rules. Planningtorock’s songs are the epitome of dark and mostly wrong kitsch, and her concerts are, according to Inrocks magazine "total experiences from which you do not return unscathed".

Planningtorock has stated that the distortion of her vocals allows for the "playing around with gender alongside communicating what I feel is the emotions within the songs. Because I am really interested in expanding upon the limits that we live in – how we are defined – and it is an experiment." Quote from interview

Filastine (US)

Grey Filastine is an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, and often nomadic. He composes a dense transnational bass music that collides the lowest frequencies of dubstep with the highest-level beat science, acoustic strings, voices, and lofi street noises. The results are “Awesome and delicate… hybrids so fluent they defy classification”, dixit Pitchfork.