Out Loud!
Karen Willems & Edwin Vanvinckenroye


Karen Willems & Edwin Vanvinckenroye

FR 21.06.2013 19:00

Edwin Vanvinckenroye (BE)

It is impossible to pin Edwin Vanvinckenroye down, as he is involved in very diverse music genres. He was a driven rock drummer, singer songwriter, violinist in different folk bands, qualified philosopher,... Troissoeur is the group with which Edwin was very successful for 13 years. Edwin is active in alternative pop, ambient, electro, folk circles, as well as music theatre.

Karen Willems (BE)

We know Karen Willems as the brilliant drummer in, among others, Yuko, Delvaux., Inwolves, Zita Swoon Group, SÒFA,…Edwin and Karen treat you to a series of “imprositions”: something between improvisation and composition.