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Geile Gleuf Madderfakkers & Mr Polska


Geile Gleuf Madderfakkers & Mr Polska

SA 15.06.2013 21:30

Geile Gleuf Madderfakkers (BE)

The Frank Galans of the hip-hop scene have a live show that will make you go ‘uh’. Some teenage fans around Flanders are still a little dazed by the amount of sexiness they were suddenly exposed to. Three guys from Aalst on a mission: to create the perfect hit (and kiss Eline de Munck). They’re the reason your daughters get home fifteen minutes past their curfew. Put those dancing shoes on, kiddies!

Mr Polska (NL/PL)

The honorary hip ambassador of Central and Eastern Europe, Mr. Polska loves fun and crocodile butts, which makes him a welcome guest at any party. The Polish-born Mr. Polska is the alias of Dominik Wlodzimierz-Groot and the flag ship of the latest hip-hop label, Nouveau Riche Music. The future? Hard work! He’s the perfect symbol for all former Soviets in the west. What to expect from a Polska show? Hard, raw, energetic, Polish and in your face. It feels like sandpaper on a car bonnet, but with a beat you can dance to.

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