Out Loud!
Fol Chen & STIJN


Fol Chen & STIJN

FR 07.06.2013 20:30

Venez et dansez. Danser c’est flirter physiquement.

Fol Chen (US)

Fol Chen makes the soundtrack to a future that never was. To listen is to leave the comfort of nostalgia and land with both feet in a bolder 21st century. Their new album The False Alarms continues the band's electro-pop odyssey with a honed character and a distinct palette of sounds.
The False Alarms: songs of uncertainty, identity, part-time love, loss and mistaken reality. It's pop music for people who aren't sure where or when they are, but who know it's nowhere they've been before.


STIJN, the Brussels electro prince, is one of Belgium’s most attention-getting musicians. He alternates between Dutch and English, acting and singing, dancing and jumping. With his debut, he was called the Flemish Prince so many times it started getting old. He does like the music of Prince, a mix of black funk and white electro, with a dash of the finest ‘white elastic legs’. Because dance is his thing. “The reason I like making dance music, or rather music that my audience can dance to, is very simple: because it’s great. Dance is liberating and seductive. Dancing is more like physical flirting.” Drop by and dance. A white guy from Brussels with an Antwerp accent paying hommage to electro funk/pop… Il faut le faire!