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WhoMadeWho & Midnight Swim


WhoMadeWho & Midnight Swim

FR 07.03.2014 22:00


If you invariably get all the girls on the dance floor with covers by Hot Chip and Josh Homme, then you’ve just about got it all as a band!

WhoMadeWho, in the slipstream of their tenth anniversary release, the red-hot record Dreams, are reborn on the dancefloor. Compared with a car, this album is, in their opinion, a Rolls-Royce and the guitars pass greater prominence to Høffding, Jeppe Kjellberg and Trol. The music produced by these three fun-lovin’ Danes is distinguished by lead singer, Tomas Høffding’s, characteristic falsetto vocals. Rocking electrotrash is the magic catchword!

Don’t forget your towel because when Høffding, Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barfod play their funky, sexy and super-smart layered electrorock live, the sweat’ll be splattering off the floor.

Midnight Swim

Had they not been selected by Goose for Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting (out of more than 600 entries), we probably wouldn’t have heard of them (yet). Those Goose guys certainly have undeniably good taste! Midnight Swim provides contagious synthpop, which gets us craving for more. After all, they hail from Kortrijk, the town in West Flanders which has now acquired the pedigree for an incredible amount of musical talent.

Let this be a lesson: the folk from West Flanders are always right.