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Tashweesh festival
Tashweesh Club Night w/ GLITTER55 + NÂR + Samar hosted by Cheb Runner


Tashweesh Club Night w/ GLITTER55 + NÂR + Samar hosted by Cheb Runner

SA 01.10.2022 23:00

Through sandy deserts with pumping bass.

23:00 NÂR
00:00 Cheb Runner
01:00 Samar
02:30 GLITTER55 ( > 05:00)


Originaire de Rabat (Maroc) GLITTER55 diffuse une techno puissante et aérienne, boostée aux rythmiques Gqom et subtilement épicée de ses influences orientales.

NÂR is a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and singer/spoken word performer. Abrasive and fragile NÂR’s music take its roots in a very large spectrum of sounds, inspirations or genre such as traditional middle eastern and north african trance music,early minimalism, industrial, down tempo, grime moods and noise music.

Raised in Tunis and now located in Brussels, Samar plays with atmospheric spatiality and sonic textures. Constantly evolving her musical craft, she is not afraid to take unexpected turns and imbue vim and vigour into her transcendental yet resolute DJ sets. Expect mixes with a metaphysical, tangible texture. From visceral ambient to blood-pumping percussions, Samar is adept at experimental bass, jungle, breaks, leftfield, and electronica.

Brussels-based Morroccan producer and DJ Cheb Runner is a musical alchemist who rides through sandy deserts with pumping bass. He has been circulating in the music/art scene under different names for well over 10 years. By deejaying, producing, composing and giving workshops, he builds links between traditional and contemporary electronic sounds and musicians. Always recording first hand sounds, Cheb Runner builds his own sample banks with traditional instruments that are then processed with analog & digital effects, combined with synthesisers.

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