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Out Loud



WE 05.06.2019 22:00 FREE

Hard-ass, socially-engaged queer hip hop from Cape Town.

16:00 rooftop bar open (music by Bledarte Collective)
18:00 opening drinks
21:00 BRYN
22:00 Angel-Ho
23:00 Wutangu (> 01:00)

The South African Angel-Ho makes captivating queer hip hop for an all-out clubbing experience. With a dark and fluorescent aesthetic and a hard industrial sound, she takes themes like transgender identity, oppression, solidarity and rebellion by the horns.

Angel-Ho was one of the founders of NON Worldwide, an artistic collective of the South African diaspora. After the excellently received EPs ‘Ascension’ (2015) and ‘Emancipation’ (2016), in March 2019 she dropped her first album – ‘Death Becomes Her’ – and it’s absolutely dripping with ambition. High time for a banging post-binary summer party.