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Out Loud


TH 20.06.2019 21:00 FREE

South American percussion with electronic beats.

16:00 rooftop bar open (playlist by Recognition)
21:00 Susobrino
22:00 Gayance (> 01:00)

The Belgian-Bolivian producer and instrument collector Susobrino mixes electronica with traditional South American percussion. Following the release of his debut EP ‘Mapajo’ on Global Hybrid Records, this two-time South Beat Battle champion is well and truly on the radar, garnering praise from Lefto and Red Bull Electropedia (he won their ‘Most Promising Artist’ award in 2018). His new EP ‘La Hoja De Eucalipto’ is fresh off the press, featuring traditional instruments like the quena and the charrango. Susobrino seeks to explore the sounds of his roots by combining them with contemporary electronica to bring out the best of their rhythms. Experience it for yourself when he busts out a DJ set packed with danceable summer vibes at Out Loud.