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Out Loud



FR 14.06.2019 22:00 FREE

Polyrhythmic voodoo meets experimental hip hop.

16:00 rooftop bar open
22:00 Raymonde
23:00 Céline Gillain
00:00 Dimitri Runkkari (> 03:00)

Under the moniker of Raymonde IV, Thibaut de Raymond brings his quadriphonic setup to our Zilveren Zaal. Making use of four sound channels – stereo has only two – and an extensive collection of tapes, Raymonde IV will present a live performance that builds upon his 10 years studying voodoo polyrhythms, African percussion and experimental hiphop. This mystical DJ-artist lives in Lyon where he runs the casette label Mus Joutra and collaborates with the blossoming dance scene and with international artists such as Black Zone Myth Chant and Jean Bender. In early 2019 the prestigious Brussels label Vlek released the result of two years of musical alchemy: the first (double!) record from Raymonde IV, “Ce qui est en haut est en bas, ce qui est en bas est en haut”. Do you feel a summer trance coming on?