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Out Loud
Mathilde Fernandez

Mathilde Fernandez


TH 06.06.2019 21:15 FREE

Fresh-out-the-box baroque from a young Grande Dame.

16:00 rooftop bar open (playlist by Mothers & Daughters - A Lesbian bar)
21:15 Mathilde Fernandez
22:30 Lucia (> 01:00)

Mathilde Fernandez is baroque to the nines. She’s a fine artist, pianist, performer and singer – more is more! She’s got two EPs to her name and as many praise-filled reviews as she has concerts. The press has compared her with the likes of legends Kate Bush and punk-godess Nina Hagen. The young French artist lives and works between Paris and Brussels, often in collaboration with other great names, including La Tendre, Emeute, Perez and the infamous La Femme. No better time to make your acquaintance with this impressive lady than during a night on our roof terrace.


Picture © Anne Sophie Guillet