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Out Loud
cancelled - Saint DX

cancelled - Saint DX


WE 12.06.2019 22:00 FREE

Who said synth-romance was dead?

16:00 rooftop bar open (playlist by Kunstenfestivaldesarts)
22:00 Paprika Kinski
23:00 Trésor (> 01:00)

The solo project of Aurélien Hamm, Saint DX is named after the legendary Yamaha DX7 synthesiser, an instrument that did a lot to define the sound of the 80s and 90s. Hamm is a former member of the band Apes & Horses and as Saint DX he has returned to the altar of synth, this time channelling Sade, Massive Attack and Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as the musical spirit of Prince. With his captivating voice he breathes life into introspective, emotional lyrics sung in both French and English. The overall effect is layered and accessible, romantic and steamy. Les Inrocks and i-D/Vice have already named Saint DX “the forerunner of a new generation”. We’re still waiting hungrily for a full album ...