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Paloma Colombe w/ SOUK SESSIONS

Paloma Colombe w/ SOUK SESSIONS


dj set
SA 15.06.2019 22:00 FREE

Body-shaking blend of pan-African electronica.

16:00 rooftop bar open (playlist by Transfo Collect)
22:00 Paloma Colombe
00:00 Shadi Khries
01:00 DJ Dziri's EP Release Party (> 03:00)

The French-Algerian Paloma Colombe – “Ce n’est pas un pseudo!” – makes documentaries and mixes border-transcendent DJ sets. She is a resident DJ for Paris’s Le Mellotron radio, where during her show Radio Amazigh she builds bridges between her two cultures. As a member of the Grande Ville label she also writes articles about music and has shared international festival stages with artists including Habibi Funk, Mehmet Aslan and Omar Souleyman. Her DJ sets are polyrhythmic postcards from hot countries across the globe – sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. She knows how to get any audience dancing to pan-African electro, like a zephyr that blows care-free over national borders in the desert.