Out Loud
Out Loud ☾ Closing Night w/ Charlotte Bendiks, Laura Palmer, Jonas Mergan.


Out Loud ☾ Closing Night w/ Charlotte Bendiks, Laura Palmer, Jonas Mergan.

SA 29.06.2019 16:00 FREE

Twilight zone techno on Out Loud’s last night...

16:00 rooftop bar open (playlist by Psst Mademoiselle)
22:00 Jonas Mergan
23:00 Laura Palmer
00:30 Charlotte Bendiks (> 03:00)

Laura Palmer is a young artist and singer from Marseille, now living in Brussels. At a young age she began making music on a pink three-stringed guitar. She would eventually lay down her axe in favour of Garageband and electronic music. Her intoxicating music combines diverse influences: nineties techno, rowdy trip-hop, summery synthwave, erotic film scores, faux punk ... the list goes on. She is a member of the artists’ collective L’oiseau Bleu and has played solo at The Word Radio and La Valée, among others. In her shows Laura Palma opens a portal to an unknown and irresistable twilight zone.


DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks’ hometown is in Norway, beyond the polar circle. But ice-cold Tromsø has a glowing-hot art scene. Bendiks moved from the arctic party circuit to Cologne, where in 2017 she released her acclaimed album ‘Hidden Tracks’ with record label Comeme. Since then she’s played gigs from Buenos Aires and Hanoi to Marseille and – of course – Berlin. Her tight sets are powered by a classy, Chicago-house minimalism that leaves you no choice but to dance until the morning comes. Deep, dark, psychedelic clubbing music from the land of the midnight sun.